Ayurvedic full body oil massage by Abhyanga

Péče o tělo– is a whole-body deep-relaxation treatment using warm oil according to your type of dosha (dosha is a constitutional type according to the ayurveda concept – doshi are three – vata – pita – kapha and interact). This massage harmonizes the dosha and starts the self-cleaning process in the body. Deep relaxation and relaxation occur due to several concurrent factors in this procedure. Long and calm hand strokes in contact with the body create a feeling of safety and thus penetrate the healing essences of oils deep into the skin and muscles. Essences from these oils have a positive effect on many specific health and mental problems.

This massage lasts 60 minutes.

Relaxing relaxing back massage according to Ayurveda

Péče o těloMassage with warm oil to relax the back area. There are used strokes and abhyanga principles and massage is a pleasant relaxation experience. If you expect a quiet touch and relaxation, this massage is just for you.

This massage lasts 30 minutes.

Gua-Sha massage

Péče o těloGua-sha comes from ancient Chinese massage and means “gua” – “moving in one direction = scratch” and “sha” – “bad” – literally means “scrape all the bad”. This massage uses a small pad, nowadays often a special tourmaline comb, which is used to treat areas of the body, head and face, including various points and reflex zones. Gua-sha massage is widespread in China. It improves condition of the skin and the body as a whole, condition by removing toxins, also acne and pigmentation, rejuvenating the skin. Gua-sha massage also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves anxiety and improves sleep. Overall, it improves the condition of the organism and resistance to infections.

This massage lasts about 45 – 60 minutes.