Ayurvedic cosmetic rituals

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Do you want to experience perfect relaxation and endless pampering, which will result in beautifully regenerated and turned off skin? Then relax during Ayurvedic beauty rituals.

Each cosmetic ritual lasts 80 minutes. It includes a deep-relaxing Ayurvedic massage of the face, neck, décolleté, head and hands. The price of the treatment also includes eyebrow shaping, eyebrow coloring, eyelash coloring, possibly epilation of the chin and upper lip.

  • Ritual with gold

    Kosmetika AryanvedaThe use of gold for medicinal purposes and beautification has been known since ancient times. Already in Egypt, Queen Cleopatra used gold as a tool to maintain youthful skin and reportedly slept in a gold mask every night. In ancient Rome gold ointments were used to treat skin problems. In ancient China, gold was the key to youth, and the Ching Dynasty Queen used a gold roller for rejuvenating facial massage. Even modern research has shown that gold has antibacterial effects, promotes the transport of oxygen molecules directly to the skin, affects cellular functions, helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Gold also supports lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, helping to remove toxins and cleanse the skin. All these processes improve normal skin functions, especially the recovery of young cells. The brand Aryanveda uses the latest technologies in the manufacture of creams – called: nanotechnology. The particles are reduced to a thousandth of the size of a normal cell and thus are better absorbed into the skin and increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients. This unique blend of essential oils, herbal extracts and gold particles preserves the ultimate beauty.

  • Kosmetika AryanvedaRitual with silver

    The antibacterial properties of silver are proven by science not only in cosmetics but also in medicine. Silver ions bind the enzyme found in the cells of bacteria and thus prevent their multiplication. Silver regulates moisture and body temperature. It supports the immune system and acts against viruses. This treatment is an ideal detoxifying treatment and for its effects it is suitable for use in problematic and acne skin. It is also excellent for men’s treatment.

  • Ritual with diamond

    Kosmetika Aryanveda
    Diamonds are the most valued stones. It is a pleasure to supply “prana” or life force. Strengthens longevity. In skin care, diamond is used for its strong anti-aging effects. It cleanses the skin, strengthens the structure and helps delay the signs of aging. It repairs and soothes damaged cells and provides energy to skin cells. Prevents pigment spots. Revitalizes the skin in all its layers.Aryanveda is naturally processed in nanotechnology.


  • Kosmetika AryanvedaRitual “Platinum”

    This unique cosmetic treatment was given its name quite rightly. Aryanveda used the best and purest ayurveda has to offer. Herbs and essences from them are absolutely unique in this cure by their composition. Combined to help counter time, protect the skin’s natural glamor and ensure its unique brilliance. Visibly reduce the process of skin aging, pigment spots and rosacea. They regulate and revitalize the skin to the depth of subcutaneous tissues. They have a very strong lifting effect.