Cosmetics Exuviance – peeling system

Kosmetika ExuvianceExuviance is a professional beauty care for beauty salons and also for home use. Exuviance brand products belong to the American cosmetics NEOSTRATA, which is widely used especially in medical cosmetics and dermatology. The combinations of substances in Exuviance are designed to achieve a visible transformation of the skin with the most modern technologies available in dermatology today. The preparations contain highly developed mixtures of AHA / PHA (alpha-hydroxy acids / polyhydroxy acids), peptides, plant substances and antioxidants.

Chemický peelingExuviance is a clinically proven and effective skin care. Reduces the formation of wrinkles, increases firmness, smoothes the structure of the skin, unifies the shade. The skin looks significantly younger after the treatment.

If you want to achieve a visible and younger skin effect, you do not necessarily need to see a doctor immediately.