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Every woman longs to be beautiful, attractive and healthy. Contemporary cosmetics offer possibilities to correct various deficiencies or maintain a youthful appearance, for example through aesthetic surgery. The results are visible immediately, but it is quite a strong intervention in the body and wallet. Ayurveda can also do this without pain and scalpel using Ayurvedic cosmetics.

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Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a complex treatment system that not only cures, but mainly prevents them. Ayurveda is a word composed of the words “aju” – age, life span, “r” – regarding and “veda” – knowledge. If we translate these three words, it means “science of life”. Ayurveda originated in India and is considered the oldest and most comprehensive treatment system in the world. Its essence is integrity because it focuses not only on disease and the elimination of its symptoms, but on its prevention. Ayurveda is a science of life that seeks to create harmony and balance in the body. It includes meals, physical exercises, cleansing the body, other supportive means such as massages, meditation, relaxation, Ayurvedic cosmetics – so that the body, mind and spirit are in perfect harmony.

Ayurvedic cosmetics Aryanveda

Ayurvedic cosmetics work on the same principle. The basis of a beautiful body is its regular cultivation. The skin, hair and nails need not only to be repaired in acute conditions, but also to provide long-term care and protection. Ayurvedic cosmetics are based on ancient recipes that have been proven over time. It is a balanced effect of extracts from fruits, vegetables, rare Himalayan plants, minerals and precious stones. Ayurvedic Aryanveda cosmetics offer complete skin care including hair care products. The products are of a purely natural composition, based on years of proven Ayurvedic traditions. They naturally activate the skin and thus stimulate it to regenerate at all levels. Aryanveda offers separate base creams that can be combined according to skin types, and then a range of exclusive skin sets or treatments.

The basic philosophy of Ayurvedic products is:

  • the body activates to help itself
  • healing and remedy comes from the body itself
  • the results are more than satisfactory and have a long-term effect