Price list

Cosmetic treatments

Ayurvedic cosmetics
General cosmetic treatment 1090,- CZK
Partial cosmetic procedures 890,- CZK
Cosmetic procedures for men 890,- CZK
Ayurvedic cosmetic rites
ritual with gold 1190,- CZK
ritual with silver 1190,- CZK
ritual with diamond 1190,- CZK
ritual “Platinum” 1190,- CZK
ritual with pearls 1190,- CZK
Larens cosmetics
Hydrating treatment 890,- CZK
Lifting treatment 1190,- CZK
Cosmetics Exuviance
cosmetics by skin type + chemical peeling 1190,- CZK

Separate cosmetic operations

Face and neck massage 390,- CZK
Face, neck and décolleté massage 550,- CZK
Mask of face and neck 390,- CZK
Mask of the face, neck and décolleté 550,- CZK
Eyebrow shaping 190,- CZK
brush drawing 190,- CZK
Correction and drawing of eyebrows 220,- CZK
Eyelashes coloring 190,- CZK


Basic pedicure 550,- CZK
SPA pedicure 750,- CZK


Basic manicure 550,- CZK
SPA manicure 750,- CZK
Lightening of pigment spots 390,- CZK
P’shine 290,- CZK
Gel lacquer 250,- CZK
Nail polishing 100,- CZK
French manicure 150,- CZK
Basse 50,- CZK


upper lip and chin 100,- CZK
hands 190,- CZK
groin 190,- CZK
knee legs 390,- CZK
whole legs 590,- CZK