Laky na nehtyHands are our communication and work tool and rightly deserve regular nail and skin care. Modified hands and nails have become the standard for many women nowadays. With professionally trimmed nails, they finally feel that their hands look exactly as they always wanted. Manicure is suitable for all who care for their natural nails, or need to strengthen their nails and nourish them. In our studio we will offer you the most suitable procedures according to the condition and needs of your nails. Also for your home care we will gladly recommend and explain in detail the procedures, including all products.

Basic manicure

Consists of nail polishing to the desired shape, nail bath, oil nail treatment around the nail, push nail cuticle, if needed removing the pinches around the nail. For nail nutrition use appropriate regeneration.


SPA manicure

We add hand peeling, nourishing mask and wrap to the basic manicure.



P-Shine is a Japanese method of polishing natural nails suitable for most nail groups. The treatment promotes blood circulation and healthy nail growth. Bee pollen and quartz clay are applied to the nail with a special polisher and polished, the nail is optimally perfused, thus ensuring a sufficient supply of nutrients. The difference is visible immediately after the first application, so we can achieve not only high gloss but also optimal growth of nails. The treatment is also suitable as regeneration after removal of artificial nails. It contains no synthetic chemicals, it is based on a purely natural basis.


Nail polishing

Color painting or French manicure can be made both for basic and SPA manicure.


Gel lacquer

A novelty in the field of nail care are gel lacquers. This unique technology does not damage the natural nail, as it does not file in it, as is the case with nail modeling, just roughens slightly to gel perfectly adhere. Gel varnish then cures in a UV lamp and the customer takes about 30 minutes with perfectly dry nails. Depending on how quickly the nail grows, the varnish lasts roughly 2 weeks. If you want to renew or remove it, a special nail polish removes the gel lacquer structure, which naturally pulls off the nail with the foil provided. The nail is then treated and can again be coated with gel or classic nail polish. This method is suitable for both manicures and pedicures.


Lightening of pigment spots

Peeling rukou

Visible lightening to removal of pigment spots on the hands using the Exuviance peeling system.