Larens Cosmeceutics

A little theory … What are cosmeceuticals …?

Cosmeceutics fills the gap in the market between cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. High concentration of active substances results in a higher effect on the skin, hair and nails. The content of active substances, and the high concentration, can produce a therapeutic effect. Cosmeceutics help to restore the skin, improve the condition of the skin and, in the case of skin diseases, alleviate persistent symptoms. The use of cosmeceuticals is completely safe and very effective.

The main and most effective component of Larens cosmetics is bioactive collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity, elasticity and firmness of the skin, tissues and other organs. It represents up to 30% of the total volume of human protein and 70% of the skin mass. Already after the age of 25, our body loses the ability to produce natural collagen, and after the age of 45, its production stops completely. Wrinkles around the eyes deepen, bags under the eyes, double chin, skin overhangs are formed and the condition of the skin on the whole body worsens. Cause of wrinkles – collagen deficiency. In addition to biologically active collagen, cosmetics contain other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids, natural vitamins and oils. Larens thus represents a safe, non-invasive but equally effective alternative to botox, filling injections and cosmetic surgery.

Kosmetika Larens

Hydrating treatment

This deep-moisturizing treatment consists of superficial skin cleansing, toning, enzymatic peeling, deep cleansing, serum, gel collagen mask and a final moisturizer. We use an ultrasonic spatula to incorporate the gel mask.

This treatment lasts 60 minutes.


Lifting collagen treatment of face and décolleté

Lifting skin treatment with collagen includes a complete cosmetic procedure including eyebrow treatment and dyeing, eyelash dyeing, surface cleansing, enzymatic peeling, deep cleansing, face, neck and décolletage massage, gel collagen and lifting mask, closing cream. Also in this treatment we use an ultrasonic spatula to incorporate the products.

This treatment lasts 80 minutes.