Who cares for you

My name is Radka Šípková and I have been taking care of people’s face, hands and feet for almost 25 years. I believe that the body and the soul are connected, so by touching it, I also take care of the soul.

People come to me not only for quality cosmetics, pedicures and manicures, but also to rest and relax.

My gift is skill, feeling for the body, as well as the talent to listen to your wishes and needs in this area. Together we will then find the type of care that is suitable just for you.

I originally graduated from high school. I worked as a nurse for several years. However, since 2000 I have been fully engaged in business in cosmetic services.

I graduated from secondary nursing school and worked as a nurse for several years. Since 2000, however, I have been fully dedicated to business in services.

I have always been interested in alternative approaches and personal development. That is why for several years I devoted myself exclusively to Ayurvedic cosmetics, which is one of the effective methods for harmonizing not only the skin, but also the soul. At the same time, I led tantric yoga and meditation for women for ten years, and I still draw on these principles.

Many foreign clients also come to my Studio Charme, which has been operating in wellness hotels since the beginning, and they require cosmetics with an immediate effect as well as trendy methods. In fact, I am quite conservative and distrustful of so-called news, so it took me a while to understand that it is good to be able to respond to these requests as well. I have thus included in my portfolio cosmeceuticals that aim to support and supply collagen and chemical peeling systems that significantly rejuvenate the skin. I was very surprised by their effect and also by the satisfaction of the clients.

It has also been confirmed to me from practice that alternative, classic and modern methods can complement and support each other perfectly.

At Studio Charme, clients also appreciate that they have all three services – cosmetics, pedicures and manicures – in one place, and if they want, at the same time.