Who cares for you

Radka ŠípkováMy name is Radka Šípková and people have been coming to me for more than twenty years. I take care of the skin of their faces, arms and legs. I believe that body and soul are related, so by touching it, I also take care of the soul.
My gift is not only skill and a feeling for the body, but also listening to your wishes and needs.
Together with the client, we will find the optimal type of care just and only for him.

I originally graduated from high school. I worked as a nurse for several years. However, since 2000 I have been fully engaged in business in cosmetic services.

I have always been interested in alternative approaches and personal development. That’s why for several years I focused exclusively on Ayurvedic cosmetics, which is one of the effective methods to harmonize not only the skin but also the soul. At the same time, I conducted tantric yoga and meditation for Mohenjodaro women for ten years.

Hotel Bohemia Mariánské Lázně
OREA Spa Hotel Bohemia
in Mariánské Lázně

Over time, not only the location of Studio Charme, which is operated in wellness hotels, but also the type of customer has changed. A lot of Russian clients started going to the spa and they required cosmetics with immediate effect and also trend methods. In fact, I am relatively conservative and distrustful of so-called new methods. But a few years ago, I came across cosmeceutics that aim to support and deliver collagen and exfoliating systems that significantly rejuvenate the skin. I was very surprised by the effect of the products and also by the satisfaction of the clients.
Traditions and current trends can complement each other perfectly.
And when the client has a choice, the services look more professional.