Price list

Cosmetic treatments

Ayurvedic cosmetics
Total cosmetic treatment 890,- CZK
Partial cosmetic treatment 690,- CZK
Cosmetic treatment for men 690,- CZK
Ayurvedic beauty cures with precious metals
cure with gold 1090,- CZK
cure with silver 1090,- CZK
cure with diamond 1090,- CZK
“platinum” cure 1090,- CZK
Ayurvedic special lifting treatments
papaya cure 990,- CZK
pearl cure 990,- CZK
cure with cod oil 990,- CZK
Larens cosmetics
Hydrating treatment 890,- CZK
Lifting treatment 1090,- CZK

Separate cosmetic operations

Face and neck massage 290,- CZK
Massage of face, neck and décolletage 490,- CZK
Face and neck mask 290,- CZK
Face, neck and décolleté mask 490,- CZK
Adjustment eyebrows 100,- CZK
Eyebrows dyeing 100,- CZK
Adjustment and dyeing eyebrows 190,- CZK
Eyebrows lamination 390,- CZK
Eyelashes dyeing 190,- CZK
Lash lifting 390,- CZK


Ayurvedic full body oil massage Abhyangha 890,- CZK
Relaxing relaxing back massage according to Ayurveda 450,- CZK
Gua-Sha massage total 890,- CZK
Gua-Sha massage partial 690,- CZK
Gua-Sha massage face 490,- CZK

Luxurious full body treatments

Lotus 1290,- CZK
Gold (with 24-carat gold) 1290,- CZK
Raw coconut 1290,- CZK


Basic pedicure 450,- CZK
SPA pedicure 590,- CZK


Basic manicure 450,- CZK
SPA manicure 590,- CZK
P’shine 290,- CZK
Gel nail polish 250,- CZK
Nail painting 70,- CZK
French manicure 150,- CZK
Basse 40,- CZK


upper lip and chin 100,- CZK
hands 190,- CZK
groin 190,- CZK
calves 290,- CZK
whole legs 490,- CZK